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Long Island Certified Life Coach

My name is Haim Ohayom and I am the certified Long Island life coach and Nassau County business coach here at Wellness and Success Coach. My vast array of training and experience makes me a perfect fit to help you achieve your goals in life. I will not only provide you with a detailed assessment in finding your true purpose in life, but will also provide you with a step by step plan to achieve to  your goals while finding your inner peace. My passion truly lies with my sincere desire to help others, and being a life and business coach allows me to help others achieve what they want from life.`

All of us are on this planet to make a difference and to the be the best we can be. My personal life’s mission is to help you reach the place of becoming the best that you can be. Our success is only determined by how successful in life and business our clients become. We are aware that you may not know how to get to the place that you want to be, so we at Wellness and Success Coach will help you get there. The focus of my practice is your personal growth and development, and I am also an inspirational speaker as well as a future author of my up and coming book “My Formula to Success.

I have overcome many obstacles in my own life, so my personal experience, my training as a Long Island life coach and Nassau County business coach as well as the many successes of my clients has not only taught me to get out of the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat in my own life but it has also afforded with with the unique gift of duplicating that process for my clients lives as well.

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